The wagoneers weren’t bluffing






Scott’s Bluff, where folks travelling along the Oregon Trail were trapped between some “badlands” to the north and an escarpment to the south. These days that escarpment is covered with huge wind turbines and the badlands are now farmlands.

The corn grows high in the fields. Stacked here and there are large rectangular hay bales.


The landscape is quite uniform except for the occasional prominence of very soft white sandstone. These crumbly peaks look as if they will dissolve in the next rain.

We stopped at Kimball for a cup of coffee. Not much moved in Kimball but the coffee was excellent. The proprietess of the shop is very proud of her Brazilian coffee. She said she came to Kimball from Denver and before that from California. She remarked, somewhat superfluously that things are much quieter in Kimball than in either or the aforementioned places. Not much doubt of that. Google street view has obliterated Kimball’s main drag. Perhaps the locals didn’t want electronic peeping toms. Perhaps Google has it in for Kimball. You decide.

I mentioned the Kimball reference in the old TV series The Fugitive, but the proprietess didn’t appear to be interested at all in the reference. Maybe she was taking precautions against too much excitement. Or maybe it was because the hero’s name was Kimble and not Kimball.

Meanwhile a village moribund and a child who appeared to be too young, too dark and too normal to be her offspring scrutinized with a steady and unselfconscious gaze the habits of four foreigners.

Lawrence has a way of inducing conversation out of the affably demented.






Meanwhile, Obama speaks to Chadron, Nebraska.



Here is the picture of a cad. He was born in Chadron, Nebraska. We are spending the night at a Motel 6 in Chadron.


His name was Leslie Lynch King Senior. His caddishness would have been forgotten except for a unique quirk of history.


Dinner was at Nancy’s, a popular spot that happily served a fusion of every form of popular food. Cajun spaghetti and Cornhusker Tortillas were prominent offerings. The decor was frowsy/friendly and the service by a softball-playing waitress was perky.







One thought on “The wagoneers weren’t bluffing

  1. Hi Travellers. Still not sure whether I have got the hang of this blog gig. Hopefully this gets through. Kimball sounds rather similar to Cann River. Have a coffee and then get the hell out. Nancy’s restaurant I reckon from a diet point of view, would be a challenge for me. Liked the photo of LD and the ladies. Here, Geelong looking good. “Pies did OK but Carol of course remains perpetually worried. Franklin is a query for the Hawks with injury. Freo have sacked Harvey.

    You were right about the AFL TV rights. AFL and NRL are taking OPTUS to court as for reasons I don’t understand, people with OPTUS phones will be able to get AFL/NRL telecasts direct (with a 2 minute delayor something like that. If AFL/NRL lose the case, Telstra is threatening to pull out of the TV rights deal. All Go. Players are still holding out for even more money. Getting a bit greedy I reckon.

    Waiting for Apple to come out with new plans for iPod Touch before committing.

    Spoke to Tom yesterday. They are still having trouble with the landlord over selling the business. It drags on and on. We’ll have to have a lunch there when you get back and find out what is the go.

    Having a couple of drinks with Marc Richards on Tuesday. Suspect his time in Rusden is up. Hope not as it would be an incredibly stupid decision. Hope sanity prevails.

    Give my regards to all fellow travellers. Can’t believe it is just over a year since we shared a plane with Kathy heading OS.

    Enjoy and stay safe.

    Let me know if this gets through.

    Best wishes



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