Chicago, wow


We are in Chicago now. What an impressive city. The city’s tycoons bought all the best European art of the late 19th century and donated it to the city’s institutions. Going to the museum is like opening the pages of an art textbook. Stunning.









The above are just pics from my iPod.

We have some more quality shots that I will upload soon.

Tomorrow, a return to the majestic downtown area of this extraordinary city.


I had the lake perch. Nice, but not as good as walleye.

Miller’s was established in 1935. Our greeter appeared to have been employed on Day One.




The above Monet is superb. It’s richness dissolves into a clever scumble at close quarters.


Also showing was a huge collection of Soviet war propaganda.

Notable was the caricature of Hitler. Incredibly consistent and immediately recognisable, yet quite different from all western representations of the man.

Also fascinating was the attempt of propagandists to empathise with Hitler’s dilemmas and uncertainties. The propagandists were fascinated to show what was going on in Hitler’s head. The external events of the war were largely subordinated to that purpose.

Thus Hitler was a man, though evil, still subject to a recognisable range of human emotions. He was no monster in these depictions.

This runs counter to my expectations about totalitarian art.



2 thoughts on “Chicago, wow

  1. Yes the Western depiction of Hitler focussed on the frontal image and the obssession with the moustache. The nose in the Russian poster seems the prominant feature. Does this have any cultural significance ?. We went to the Venitian Exhibition at the NGV today and my immediate response to the Wagner work was how relevant it was to the rise of Nazism yet the Secessionist would have denounced any association.


  2. Mr Newbury

    Great to hear from you.

    May be easier for me to deal via email rather than the blog which suggests all is going well. So continue to enjoy. Will copy this and send it on the blog in case this does not get through. 29 degrees here today (Monday)!! Too hot too early.Change overnight with tomorrow getting to 18 degrees.

    Will be interesting to see what Marc Richards says tomorrow about 2012. I agree that it would be a real travesty of justice if Marc has to give up Rusden. Such a stupid policy. It fails the “Commonsense Test”.

    I agree also with what you said to the Doc about retirement having much to recommend. However, Doc is of course still a young man. Problems with retirement are will your money last and the fact that time is running out &/or health is running out. As Ruthers would say, “things get worse”.

    Dees, Dogs and Crows have announced new coaches, Neeld (?), McCartney and Sanderson respectively I believe.Saints are now well behind. Perhaps Malthouse? Harvey? Eade? Veeeery interesting.

    With you and Doc swanning around, Geoff and Lisa are coming for a boys meets girls night on Wednesday.

    Not sure whether I mentioned Tom’s problems at Penny Royal, but the landlord is being a shit so the sale of the business has stalled.

    Worksafe, the state mob that are meant to investigat work place bullying etc. , have themselves been accused of guess what? Chronic workplace bullying!! This is on top of the Ombudsman investigating the OPI investigating Victoria Police. What would Sir Humphrey have to say? What a shambles. Julia and Tony at loggerheads over boat people – still. Now it comes out that the ADFA crowd responsible for purchasing clothing for our Diggers, ignored advice and outsourced it to some mob in Mexico. Apparently, diggers are operating with the crotches literally exposed.

    Consensus seems to be that Geelong should easily account for Westcoast, but the “Pies/Hawks could be a different thing altogether. Carol getting more worried each day. They need to nullify Franklin which they did last time they met.

    Will be interested to hear about how you have used your iPod Touch on the trip. I am hoping Apple will release update details soon. I assume you were talking about iPod and not iPad, although I have no doubt that iPad could do the same, although bulkier. Will also have to pick you brains about how you deal with 110V in USA. I’m hoping there is some adaptor thingy I can buy for when we head to Canada & Alaska in April.

    Best wishes to you all and stay safe.




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