Abbott’s dangerous impotence


Gillard and Abbott react to release of video by Taliban guerrilla who infiltrated the Afghan National Army and wounded some Australian soldiers.

… Opposition Leader Tony Abbott also spoke out about the video, saying Australians have every right to feel disgusted by the boasting.

He is describing it as a message designed to undermine Australia’s confidence.

“Our enemies are trying to exaggerate their strength,” he said.

He says repeating the message is playing into the hands of extremists.

Does this mean that if Abbott becomes PM he’ll:

1. Seek to censor inconvenient news?

2. Prolong Australia’s craven and futile adventure in Afghanistan just to prove that Abbott’s embattled assertions of virility may have some actual substance?

Abbott is both dangerous and stupid if he thinks that lies and revenge are appropriate foundations of foreign policy.

Or is Abbott’s outburst the empty posturing of the impotent?


And here I’m less concerned about what Afghans are doing than I am about what Abbott wants us Australians to do about the stuff those “disgusting” Afghans are doing.

The Taliban are doing just fine at the minute. They certainly don’t need my advice. But Australian voters are inclined to follow bad and dangerous advice from populist, tub-thumping jingos like Abbott. It’s up to us adults to tell those easily influenced voters that they may hurt themselves if they let runagates like Abbott to lead them astray.


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