Sore loser

Yes, Kates has a mad view of the world.
He is correct that the gender gap defeated Romney. He ascribes the disinclination of white women to vote as their male relatives did to being “damaged”.
Kate’s declined to consider that it is as arguable that white men failed to vote like white women because they are the damaged sex. And here is the root of Kates’ deep-seated sexism (and racism). In Kates’ weird universe, white men are the norm against which the world is measured. This is breathtaking cultural and sexual arrogance.
And Kates asks why these “damaged” women have not found life partners. Well, lookit, Steve, their only realistic option here is to marry a Republican-voting white man. And he is likely to be narrow, selfish, greedy, emotionally crippled and adhering to as set of values and behaviours inimical to the interests and desires of the Democratic woman. She looks at such a man and recoils. A single life is preferable to being shackled to such a monster.
And she is right.


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