Abbott’s bait and switch

Abbott’s cynical but inept bait and switch re Brough’s abuse of judicial process:

“I think the Labor Party should stop hyperventilating. If the Labor Party thinks there’s been some terrible injustice done to Mr Slipper, they should put him back into the Speaker’s chair.”

Surely Abbott hasn’t forgotten that the government removed Slipper from the Speakership not because of the corrupt allegations of sexual harassment, but because of the unseemly nature of his texts.

Slipper is a sleazy lowlife not fit to hold any public office. Nevertheless Rares J. found that he unethically outsleazed by those who pretended to be his friends in the political interests of Malcolm Brough.

Even a sleaze deserves protection from a perversion of justice.

Slipper’s character has not changed much since the last of six times that the Libs endorsed him as parliamentarian. The only change is that his character has been publicly revealed.

Moreover, surely Ashby and Doane are aware that they exposed themselves to the charge of theft when they purloined Slipper’s diary and supplied it to a Murdoch journalist. That Murdoch journalist himself ought to know that it is a crime to receive stolen goods.


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