Mal Brough

This is outrageous:

Mr [Mal] Brough has been preselected as the LNP’s candidate for Mr Slipper’s Sunshine Coast electorate of Fisher but has refused repeated requests for an interview until today.

Asked whether he thought it was wrong or illegal to obtain parts of Mr Slipper’s diary, Mr Brough replied: “Mr Slipper’s now about to face court next week and be charged … on criminal offences relating to allegations of misuse of travel [entitlements].

“I think that’s the right and proper place for such matters to be decided, so it would be entirely wrong of me to make any comment whatsoever about such issues.”

Brough has admitted conspiring with James Ashby to commit theft. Yet the media and the police have shown no interest in the matter.

Instead the ABC allows Brough to raise irrelevant matters in spurious self exculpation. The matter of the criminality of Mal Brough cannot be decided in a case concerning Slipper’s crimality.


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