Punch denunciation of Ambrose Kyte

Melbourne Punch
3 September 1868
Ought to cover him over with shame. A Loyal Liberal Enigma.

To judge a Loyal Liberal by the ordinary standard would not perhaps be altogether fair, and Mr. AMBROSE KYTE is a Loyal Liberal of the first water. A few years ago the public were astounded to hear that some anonymous gentleman had contributed £1000 towards the expenses of an exploring expedition, stipulating at the same time that his name should not be divulged. When every one had ceased to take any interest in the matter, the reticent donor revealed himself in the person of “Mr. AMBROSE KYTE.” Mr. MOONEY, a whilom squatter, dies, and is buried, and we are duly informed that the entire expense of the funeral was defrayed by “Mr. AMBROSE KYTE ” Furthermore it appears that some time since a Mrs. JOHN WATSON “paid the debt of nature,” leaving an executor to manage her affairs. That executor has accomplished wonders, and unproved the estate of the deceased lady in a manner perfectly marvellous and highly creditable. But that executor was not “born to blush unseen,” so he calls in two accountants, who report on his marvels of management, said report being published in the daily papers, from which we learn that this most excellent executor is no other than “Mr. AMBROSE KYTE.” It has occurred to some people to ask, ” Why this touching confidence?” As far as Mr. PUNCH knows of, the public are utterly indifferent to the present position of the late Mrs. JOHN WATSON’S estate, the funeral expenses of the late Mr. MOONEY, or the identification of the gentleman who thought proper to contribute £1000 anonymously towards the expenses of an exploring expedition. It would be about as interesting to know what he had for dinner yesterday. “To do good by stealth,” Mr. AMBROSE KYTE, is no doubt very praiseworthy, but don’t get impatient if you are not “found out” immediately.


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