Punch lampoons Verdon

Melbourne Punch (Vic. : 1855 – 1900)

Thursday 23 August 1866


LONDON, July 26 1866
THE real cause of the resignation of the RUSSELL Administration has at last transpired. It was entirely owing to the consternation caused in the Cabinet by the news of the little VERDON’S mission to London. _ LONDON, July 27th. Mr. CARDWELL has left for Paris, and will not return until the Victorian TREASURER has cleared out. . LONDON, July 28th. Great preparations are being made for the reception of the antipodean financier. A bum-boat has been ordered out to the chops of the Channel to await his arrival, and a magnificent den is being prepared at the Zoological Gardens. LONDON, July 29th. Glorious news for Victoria! Austria and Prussia have agreed to refer their differences to VERDON. Great excitement! Victorian debentures seriously affected. Rise of at least one-millionth per cent. VERDON’S nurse has been engaged and publicly feted; and a becoming suit of knickerbockers ordered for his first appearance at Court. LONDON, July 30th.Hurrah! hurrah! hurrah! HER MAJESTY has most graciously consented to present VERDON with her permission to return to Victoria immediately, if not sooner. He has had an interview with GLADSTONE, “who spoke rather harshly to him on the subject of Free-trade, at which the dear little fellow burst into tears, and called piteously for his FRANCIS, whereupon he was removed by the head nurse-in-waiting. LONDON, July 31st. VERDON is expected to visit the Bank, and great excitement is caused at the thought of heating his pretty prattle oh financial

matters. The governor, deputy-governor, and directors will play a game of ” miveys” with him in the centre court, and the CHANCELLOR OF THE EXCHEQUER will compete with him in the performance of equestrian feats on the rocking-horse.


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