Funding Government

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957) Monday 11 September 1865
We understand that, in pursuance of the arrangements entered into by the Government for the resumption of Treasury payments without the assistance of an Appropriation Act, as many as three friendly actions (each for £40,000) have been brought by the London Chartered Bank. 
The first was initiated on the 6th inst, and judgment was confessed the following day, as stated in

The Argus of Saturday.
The second action was commenced on the 7th, but was discontinued on the 8th, probably because proceedings were taken too soon-it may be before the whole of the £40,000 had been advanced.
The third action was brought on the 8th inst., and to that, so far as we can learn, the Attorney-General has not yet pleaded. The following is a copy of the process issued by the bank in each action :
“No. 2,596.

In the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria,

The eighth day of September, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty five.
To the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty,
Melbourne to wit
Your faithful subjects, the London Chartered Bank of Australia, of Collins-street, in the city of Melbourne, bankers, humbly show,
That your Majesty is indebted to your suppliants for money payable by your Majesty to your suppliants for money lent by your suppliants to your Majesty, and for money found to be due from your Majesty to your suppliants on accounts stated between your Majesty and your suppliants; and your suppliants claim £40,000.
Your suppliants therefore most humbly pray that your Majesty will be moat graciously, pleased to order that right be done in this matter, and that your Majesty’s Attorney or Solicitor-General may be required to answer the same, and that your suppliants may henceforth prosecute their complaints in the said court, and take such other proceedings as may be necessary.
And your suppliants, as in duty bound, will ever pray.
Matthew W. Taylor,

Petitioner’s Attorney.
The following are the particulars of the petitioners’ demand in the action now pending.
Sept. 8, 1865.-To cash lent and ad-

vanced . .. £40,000
It appears that, by means of the advances obtained from the London Chartered Bank, the Government have been able to satisfy the claims of most of the civil servants, either in part or in full. The wherewithal to meet the actions brought for the advances is obtained, by the use of the ordinary forms provlded-by the Audit Act, from the five other “contracting banks.” Deposits to the credit of the public account in those establishments continue to be made.


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