Merchant opportunists 

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957) Wednesday 25 October 1865



The intimation, or threat, made by Mr. Verdon, was carried out on Thursday, the 12th instant, when the old tariff was abandoned and tho new one enforced. The decision was arrived at by the Governor In Council on the previous day, and announced In the following ukase, posted at the Custom-house, in Flinders-Street :-” Department of Trade and Customs, Melbourne, 11th October, 1805.
Notice.-It is hereby intimated, for general information, that on and after Thursday, the 12th inst. the deposits hitherto paid on tea,

sugar, dried fruits, opium, and gold, will no longer be required. (signod)- Jas. G. Francis, Commissioner of Trade and Customs.”
Since then, some of the merchants, to avoid possible difficulties hereafter, have been paying the reduced duties in the names of boy clerks and strangers.


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