Ballarat C of C

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957) Wednesday 25 October 1865




The Ballarat Chamber of Commerce met on Monday afternoon, “for the purpose of considering the recent acts of the Ministry as they affect commerce, and the expediency of memorialising the Queen thereon.” 
Mr. W. C. Smith, president of the chamber, occupied the chair. Mr. Chalmers said that as several

members of the chamber who were opposed to the action proposed to he taken in the matter were absent, ho should move an adjournment of the meeting. Mr. Jones said he

should oppose any adjournment. All the members had had abundant opportunities of knowing what was to take place, and he had gone

round to most of them personally on Saturday last to remind them of it. Mr. Campbell said, though not agreeing with the mover of the

adjournment motion, he would second It, pro forma, to test the feeling of the meeting. Mr. Baker said he could only see one object in introducing the present motion-that was, to defeat the action intended to be taken by the

meeting. He strongly condemned the conduct of the Ministry. Mr. Jones then moved the first resolution. They were not there, he

said, to discuss the merits of a free trade or of a protection policy, but to call in question the conduct of a Ministry whose sole idea seemed to be to govern the country so as to suit the views of a dominant

faction. He proposed,-” That the recent action of the Ministry, is dispensing with the legal method hitherto in vogue of collecting and disbursing the revenue, is calculated to create a sense of insecurity amongst capitalists, and to injure the credit of the colony abroad, and is therefore highly

prejudicial to commerce, and to all classes of the community,” Mr. Baker seconded the resolution, denouncing the Ministry as revolutionary. The motion was carried by a large majority, only one person opposing it.
Mr. Chalmers. Mr. T. Lang then read the memorial to the Queen, which set forth the state of matters in the colony, and the conduct of the Ministry, and which prayed Her

Majesty to uphold the law and the authority of the Constitution, and moved its adoption.
Mr. Campbell seconded this, and it was accordingly adopted. The meeting then dispersed.


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