Brodie papers

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957) Tuesday 9 July 1867
TO The Editor op the Argus.
Sir,-In journal of Saturday last you

say, in reviewing the papers published concerning the suspension and dismissal of

Brodie from the Post office -“The man acted openly and flagrantly as a political agent of the Ministry, and, under the directions of Mr. C E Jones, organised mobs to cry down or to applaud, in St George’s hall

or elsewhere, as his masters’ interests required.” Allow me state in your journal to state that there is not one syllable of truth in the passage as far as I am concerned, and as far as the rest of the article goes, I must crave permission to say that you have not read the papers carefully enough to enable

you to understand what you have reviewed.
I am. Sir, your obedient servant,


Parliament Library, Monday, noon.
[Our correspondent should have specified the untruthfulness of which, he complains.

Wholesale denials like that which he asks us to publish are of no value whatever, and it is a stretch of courtesy on our part to publish

his letter. He stops where ho should have begun. As to our not having understood what the Brodie papers contain, we presume Mr.

Jones thinks us wanting in political acumen because of our including him in the censure which the whole Brodie case received in the

article of Saturday, notwithstanding his recent efforts, and notably in this Brodie case, to bring confusion upon an Administration which we have long opposed. But we cannot approve of political treachery even on behalf of what we consider a good cause, nor endorse an equivocal proceeding, even though it should tend to tho ijury of a party to whom we are inimical on

public grounds. The best of Mr. Jones’s communication is that it is brief; but though brief he has not escaped being tedious, for he

shows no reason why he should have written at all, or why our readers’ time or our space

should be further occupied with his and Mr.Brodie’s affairs.-Ed. Argus.]


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