John Brodie

The Argus, Sat 4 Jan, 1868
The present Ministry probably never made a worse, appointment than when they appointed the red-ribbon Brodie, who led a parcel of unthinking fellows to break the windows of Parliament-house; who was the “hiddenhand” that pulled the strings of the Ministerial public meetings held duringthe last crisis, and duly packed them to order; who was made an “official”, at the Post-office; who was dismissed for drunkenness, but was reinstated by Mr. M’Culloch; who was again dismissed; and who was, in fact, always getting drunk, and always being “done something for” by the Ministry. At last there was a Parliamentary inquiry, and the scandal growing too hot, Brodie was packed away up the country as a Crown bailiff at Smythesdale, to die there of the consequences of his habits in the police lock-up, the other day. The conclusion of the story is equally melancholy. The Smythesdale correspondent of the Ballarat Star writes:-” On Tuesday lost Anne Brodie, wife of the late John Brodie, Crown, lands bailiff, was brought before Mr. J. P. Hamilton, P.M., and Mr. R. H. Lock, J.P., Smythesdale, on a charge of lunacy, and was committed to Ararat Asylum, but the unfortunate woman was not till Thursday in a fit state for removal horn the lock-up. It appears that her drunken habits had been continued so long that she is almost, if not entirely, Incurables. In connexion with this subject it may bo stated that no fewer than seven applications from Smythesdale alone are said to have been made for the situation held by the late Crown lands bailiff, and it is further stated that some of the applications were despatched before the unfortunate man’s corpse was cold, though the general feeling in the locality was that the appointment, if continued, would be given to some hanger-on of the Government now perhaps loafing in Melbourne.”


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