Mortuary carriage


The mortuary carriage that transported coffins to Fawkner Cemetery.
The bereaved travelled as normal passengers. The deceased travelled together in this carriage.
This carriage was at the back of the train. It was unhooked at the Cemetery Station siding. The bereaved got off. The train continued its journey.
A later train pushed the now empty carriage at the front back to Flinders St Station, in preparation for return to Fawkner Cemetery the next day.
This is an example of Melburnians solving problems posed by living in a large metropolis.
Already, for reasons of hygiene, churchyard graveyards had been banned. In their place arose huge necropolises administered by city councils. Fawkner cemetery was one of these. They were nice little earners for these councils.
To make them more attractive, the Councils generally allowed for co-religionists to be buried together.
Thus, following time-honoured practice, Melburnians continued to moulder in sectarian seclusion.


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