Unofficial Candidate Sept 1856

Unofficial Nominee 15 SeptMONDAY, 15th SEPTEMBER 1856

MR. M’CULLOCH is, upon the whole a suitable representative of the commercial classes ; and a very fair contribution from the Chamber of Commerce. The Chairman of that body ought unquestionable to have a scat in the House and if possible for Melbourne.

The mercantile mind is not,, eminently patriotic. It is apt to view all public affairs through a dust haze of commissions, exchanges and percentages of various kinds. If the country he be threatened with a deluge of ignorant pagans it runs to the computation of its stock of rice. If the whole world be plunged into war its first thought is directed to the effect of such a contingency on tobacco. If peace be proclaimed, the event is looked at with reference to depreciation of bottled beer.

As a specimen of the mercantile mind however, imbued to whatever extent it may be with motives, Mr. M Culloch makes his bow, and deserves consideration from the electors In his somewhat invidious position as non official nominee, he was one of the best members that ever occupied the position, and throughout his Council career showed uniformly an intelligent and independent spirit. As the Victorian representative of the great Dennistoun house, which owns flocks and herds enough to make Mr. Fawkner’s hair stand on end
lie may be in some respects scarcely a suitable member for the metropolis. But we have not seen the squatter spirit very largely developed in him; and controlled by the strong popular influence by which he will be surrounded. He any probably be safely trusted with the represent of even a trading constituency.

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