Brodie and

Geelong Advertiser (Vic. : 1859 – 1929), Monday 28 January 1867, page 2

Many will remember Mr Brodie, who for years took a strong lead in Geelong as an orator of the stump, and as a general agitator. The Melbourne correspondent of the [Ballarat] Star thus reports of him:—”Mr Brodie, of Eastern Market notoriety, the staunch supporter of the Ministry and protection, who was rewarded with an appointment in the General Post Office, which he resigned, has now in his possession a silver snuff-box, bearing an inscription which states that it was presented to him by the protectionists of Victoria as a mark of gratitude for services rendered. One gentleman, who is an, M.L.A., and who was foremost in the ranks of protection, denies that the suuff-box in question was presented by the protectionists. Mr Brodie is now about to leave Victoria and proceed to the Riverina, where, it is said, he has received ‘an appointment upon tlie station of a Victorian legislator. Mr Brodie has given up protection, and only avows himself the defender and upholder of the M’Culloch Ministry.”

Ballarat Star 16 Feb 1867

Brodie orchestrates Williamstown government employed workers in a very rowdy meeting.

Ballarat Star (Vic. : 1865 – 1924), Saturday 16 February 1867, page 1

Our Melbourne correspondent writes—“Mr Brodie, the gentleman who stated he had received a silver snuff box from the Protection League, which, by the by, was denied by none of the members of it, still does service to the McCulloch Ministry. On Thursday, he was seen at the top of the stairs at St George’s Hall, where the working men’s meeting was to be held, brandishing a stick, and hooting in the most exemplary manner. He also instructed the people as they went in who was to be groaned down. The same game was carried on upon the platform by a number of men who were stated to be employees from the Government workshops at Williamstown. The meeting was one of the rowdiest that has ever been held in Melbourne.

Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 – 1954), Thursday 28 February 1867, page 5

In the Assembly, last evening, Mr C. E. Jones moved for the production of all the correspondence relating to the appointment, suspension and removal from office of ‘a person named Brodie, recently a letter-carrier in the General Post Office.’ Mr M’Culloch said he had no objection whatever to the motion. One of the letters, indeed, he added, was missing, but he hoped it would turn up in a few days. The document in question was a letter from Mr Jones himself , strongly — ‘ very strongly ‘ — recommending the appointment of the ‘person.’ This unexpected little revelation elicited a burst of laughter from all sides of the House.

Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 – 1954), Thursday 30 May 1867, page 5

LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY. Wednesday, 29th May.

Tho SPEAKER took the chair at half-past four o’clock. PAPERS PRESENTED. Mr M’CULLOCH:— … Papers bearing upon the appointment, suspension, and removal from office of a person named Brodie, recently a letter-carrier in the General Post Office.


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