McCulloch in LC re mail

Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), Saturday 31 March 1855, page 4


friday, March 30///, 1855.

Mr. M’CULLOCH did not think the lion member for tho Loddon had estimated ii its true light tho advantage of regula postal communication with Englnnd. In Iii (Mr. M’Culloch’s) opinion, the cllpper-shipsnoble vessels ns they wore-could not bo do pended on for regular mail communication. Th only vessels that could bo depended on for tin were firtt class steamers. (Hear, hear.) H disapproved, however, of tho employment of tw difl’ercnt companies in carrying out the scheint -one. as was proposed, from Melbourno as fa as King George’s Sound, and another from tim placo to India. Ho should prefer that the Ponin fcular and Oriental Company should carry out thi whole scheme, and he hoped they would soon b in a position to enter upon it. He considero) it necessary, however, that the Houso should vot £50,000 to enable Government to treat with tha company for carrying tho miúls direc between Point do Gallo and Melbourne It was probable that the route by Panama woul eventually turn out the best, hut at present’ i certainly did not possess tho greatest advantage Ho did not, however, wish to confine Govern ment to a particular route, or a particular plan Ho was in favor of tho amendment of the lion member for tho Loddon, with the exception o tho Bum set down in it,-viz, £25,000. H begged to move that that sum be altered t


Mr. GUEEVES had no objection to leave tin arrangement in tho hands of Government, and t adopt tho proposal of the bon. member (Mi M’Cullocli). l

Mr. ¿BECKETT begged to second Mr. M’Cul loch’s amendment. (” It has boen adopted, from Mr. Grooves.) Ho wished to loav Government unshackled in carrying out th necessary arrangements. Ho trusted Govom mont would consult on tho subject with me qualified to give advice, as they had done on th Gold-fields and Police questions. The objec sought for was one that would benefit, not onl the colony, but he might say the world itsel£

Mr. FAWKNER was in favor of having mi communication direct with Victoria, withou stopping at King George’s Sound. Victoria wa now the colony. Ho would not grudge £100,00 for the purposo of securing direct mail commun cation between Melbourno and England. H wos in favor of tho amendment of the lion, mon ber for tho Loddon, excopt that ho wbhod th sum to bo left blank. Ho bogged according! to movo as an amendment tho omissio of tho following words in that gentleman’ motion, “at a cost not to exceed £25,000. (Hear, hear.) Government should inform th House what was tho lowest sum for which th thing could bo done, and there was no doubt th House would sanction that sum.


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