Postal issues

Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 – 1954), Wednesday 7 March 1855, page 4

Ksfcr’ing to vnrira« plans of communication by steam with tho mothor country, wo will again repeat that tdo particular plan is to us of comparative Wa lament the stoppage nf a mode of ommnniritlon, the defeats of which havn all resulted from accident« which need not bo repeatod, or mi management that may be avoided heroifier. It is of importance we scarcely dare contemplate that our communloutlon with Europe should bo kept open, and that our Information «bould arrive at tho earliest possible date. We have already silted that the commercial a-peet of the question i«, in our vie», of the least Importance, however groat thnt may bo, in comparison with Its political .ispcct. We know not what a day may bring forth. The pre*uupturn« confidence many are accustomed to cxore«a a« to tho ls«ue of the war, the permiincnoe of mtlonnl alliances, and the absolute security of Australian cimrncrce, has always appeared to us to bo somewhat perilous. We know not any rca«on upon wMch we can claim from Provldcnuo an assur-ance »gainst the ordinary ro«ult» nf warfare tj the I’opcndenoics of a great nntion. If we turn to the pages of history wo find surprises und suddm aggrss-ion hine been tho constant policy of rival nations, whitever plan, therefore, shall prove the most certain and the most easily and quickly ntulnable, will ommsnd our carnot support. The preference to the Singapore or Madras overland route rest on the directness of our communications with the seat of war. as well us v\ ith many parts of the world with wb’ch we ought to hw« cxt<n«lvo or commercial rela lons.

The Panama rout« has undoubtedly great attractions; tho smoothness of the pass.igo will glv* *omothlng like certainty to I time, and tho short distance whloh divide« tho Padflc an I the At-

lantic oceans may at no distant period bo very readily passed over. But whether we aro provided, or likely to bo provided with steamers of sufltelent capa iiys with depots of coal, where tho delivery will rot occasion a very lengthened detention, und whether the objections stuted by a member of the M.lbourao Chamber of Commerce aro sufficient weight to discourage the im-mediate adoption of that rouu-all these are considerations whloh must be left to practical men ; und we trunt that the multiplicity of plans will not bo found, nu is frequently tho case, an impedi-

ment to the adoption of any.

The Chambor of Comtmrcc, both of Sydney and Melbourne, have taken up the question of postal communication with England in a very earnest spirit. On the l«t insunt a meeting of the member« of tie fo»mer Chomber was held at the Sydney Etchange Itoomo, tho chair being taken by Mr. Breillst, the President cf the Chamber, who, having explained the objeot for which the meet-ing was in ire especially convened, read the following letter from Captain Sparke, the superintendent of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company .

«.The Company having, under the sanción of her Majo«ty’s Government, relinquished the mail service between those placen, Singapore, nnd thr«e eolonlcs, it is hereby notified for the informa-tion of the pnbllo, that as the withdrawal of the Norna and Madras will te effected upon their arrival at Ceylon, about the 20th De-cember and 20th February respectively, Micro will be no further stcamors despatched by the Company between the above places, consequently pos«cngers and frelgnt can no longer be received by the Company for India, China, Knglacd, or elsewhere as


Arter some dlscti-s’on, the following motion was agreed to, upon the motion of Captain T-iwn«, seconded by Mr. Alexander Campbell:-“Thnt a Committee of six gentlomen of this Chamber, as under, Mes«rs. T. W. 8mith, James Donaldson, A. 0. Daniel, John Walker, James Williamson, with the mover Captain Towns (nnd that three form a quotum), be formed, willi n view to give such information as will enablo them to report tho most favoura-ble plan upon wbich the monthly s ten m communication between this colony and the mother country via Singapore can be carried out-and report to this Chamber the result of their delit-crntion. That they put themselves in communication with the Local (¡oI vernment, the Steam Companies, and such other sources ns they

may consider ncce»«ary fo” tim object in view.”

At the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce, a special general meeting of whose members was c mvened for the 26tn ultimo, to consider tho ssme subject, a Select Committee wa« appointed to confrr with the local Government, and to re-quest information ns to the amount tbe Govern (rent would be dis-posed to place on the estimates for the Australian steam service ; the committee to consist of tho following gentlemen, namely. Messrs. Ctuikshank, Montefiore, White, Train, M’Culloch, and Thorpe. It wai proposed by Mr. Lord, as un amendment to Mr. nammlll’s motion, that a committee bo appointed to proceed to Sydney, to confer with ft committee of the Chamber of Cou meroo, fir the purpeso of immediately taking steps to organise an Austra-lian Steam Company, to build or purchnse steamer« to run be-tween Australia and Punamn. in connection with the companies now oxlstlog on the other side. This proposition was, however, rejected ; but at the same time Mr. Hummill, who is about to visit Sydney, expressed his willingness to confer with the Bydney Chamber of Commerce on the subjoct.


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