CofC migrant issue

Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 – 1954), Tuesday 6 May 1856, page 2


At the meeting of this body yesterday tho Secretary read the following monthly report : — Report of the Committee of the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce, for the month of April, 185G. The business transacted by your committee during the past moiUh has been of little public interest, ;nnd they havo consequently only a spare report to offer you on the present occasion. * ? Tho unsatisfactory mode in which deposits aro now made with the various bailking establishments in Jliis city, aud tho

extent ol tlie protection anorueu uy iut.u» ui uu.1,1 has induced the appointment of a sub-committee to cxninino into and report on these interesting questions. Tho almost total cessation of immigration from the United Kingdom and foreign ports, and the necessity which is already^ beginning to be felt for a large accession to our laboring classes has attracted the attention of your committee. They have consequently appointed a sub-committee to devise some means of promoting the arrival amongst us of an increased number of a desirable class of immigrants. ‘It is hoped that tho members of the Chamber generally will support that committee hv fo-warding to them any suggestions which may appear calculuted to aid in the accomplishment of this °b^e0t’ JAMES M’CULLOCH, Chairman. Chamber of Commerce, 5th May, IS®.


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