CofC postal issues

Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 – 1957), Thursday 31 July 1856, page 4

CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. I At tho usual weekly meeting of tho committee of the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce, hold at the Hall of Commerce, Suth July, 1850

Presont: W. Westgarth, Esq., In the chair ; Messrs. li Young, Kington, Campbell, Mathews, Stovons, RaBy I Muir, Hainmill, Josophs, Nouhauss, M’Mlcklng,

Francis, M’Culloch, and Henty.

Tho minutes of tho previous mooting wero road and

r confirmed.

Tlio closing or tho mails »t 5 p.m. on Monday last ‘ for Jotters via Marseilles was noticed, and it transpired

that much disappointment had been expressed in England at the receipt of letters via Southampton which wore directed via Marseilles from this port.

I A deputation was appointed to wait upon tho Post-

master-General on tho subject.

B’l’lio attention of tho coinmittoe was called to the vexatious and injurious results frequently arising from tho tardy delivery of goods from ships on ar

l rival.

Tho case of the Lady Louisa was especially alluded to, that vessel having boon now some twenty-five days in Hobson’s Bay, and not yet discharged, to the groat inconvenience and probable loss of tho consignóos. It ?«as admitted thotttio obligation to deliver and receive with all possible despatch ought to bo reciprocal, and that for tho protection of consignees in future it was expedient that the obligation to discharge shipments within a specific period after arrival, under a penalty, should bo enforced by tho insertion of a clause to that effect In bills of lading.

| Rcfcronco was mado to tho proposed routo for poital

communication »ia tho Mauritius. Tho commlttoo reiterated their former opinion as to tho decided ad-vantages of the routo via Point do Galle, especially when considered with regard to our relations with

India and China.

Qlio Chairman stated the substance of an intor’ view of the deputation with the Hon. tho Chief Com-

missioner of Trade and Customs on the subject of the [ ” Immigration Report. That gentleman, whilst re-

serving his opinion willi regard to dotails, oxprosjjl lils eoncutrenco with the principles laid down in tho report, and stated that tho Government wero preparad to revise the wliolo systom as soon as practicable. Iho Hon.’tho Chief Commissioner also stated that communications hod already boon addressed to tho authorities in Sydnoy and Adolaldo touching the -working of the respectivo tariffs of tho colonies, and – that a satisfactory orrangomont of the same was hoped

for without» loss of time.

_JOHN RUSSELL, Secretan-.


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