Neighbourhood strolls

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Course Description 

Neighbourhood Strolls

This monthly program of guided strolls will introduce you to the phenomenal history of Marvellous Melbourne by means of tours of five of Melbourne’s fascinating older neighbourhoods. These include Northcote, Williamstown, Yarra River, Clifton Hill, and Collingwood. Commentary will focus on how Melburnians coped with Melbourne becoming a major metropolis in a trice. The strolls last about 2 hours, finishing at a local café.

Greetings Strollers,

Welcome to “Strolls around Melbourne neighbourhoods”
You may recall that the course description invited you to participate in guided strolling tours around Melbourne’s fascinating older neighbourhoods.
In this post I deal with two matters:
1. Semester 1 strolls  are scheduled for the last Friday of the month, except if Easter necessitates alteration. The June stroll takes place mid month, before the end of the semester. Sometimes the end of February is very hot. Accordingly, if the day is hot, the walk will commence at 9am.

Semester 2 strolls take place on the last Friday of the month, except in September and November.

Schedule, and starting and ending places. Please note these places and dates.



Friday 27
 — 10am

START @ Top of the hill behind Northcote Plaza Shopping Centre. That is about 10 minutes’ walk from Tram Stop 33 on Route 86.

END @ High Street bridge over Merri Creek, Tram Stop 24 on Tram Route 86

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31: 10am

START @ Williamstown Railway Station

END @ Williamstown Railway Station

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Friday 21
: 10am

START @ Tram Stop 24, Route 12 or Route 109, Corner of Victoria and Burnley Streets, Richmond

END @ Abbotsford Convent near Johnston Street, Abbotsford. Several bus routes and Victoria Park Railway Station are nearby.

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26: 10am

START @ East side of Clifton Hill Railway station

END @ East side of Clifton Hill Railway station

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16: 10am

START @ 35 Ballarat Street, Collingwood. Tram Stop 20, Route 86 is about 10 minutes walk away. Several bus routes stop at the intersection of Hoddle and Johnston Streets. Victoria Park Railway station is about 10 minutes walk away. 

END @ 35 Ballarat Street, Collingwood

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2. The weather may be inclement during our walks.

You should wear a hat and bring a bottle of water.

Light rain should not be a problem. A rain jacket and umbrella will be adequate. Should the rain become too heavy and persistent, we will never be more than 3 minutes’ walk away from a cafe or pub where shelter can be taken and refreshments enjoyed.

If the weather forecasts indicate very inclement weather I shall phone or email you to postpone or reschedule the stroll.

I’m confident that you will find Melbourne to be as fascinating as it is surprising.

If you know in advance that you cannot attend a walk, please submit your apology to U3A via their website. If you are reading this on my blog you will find a link at the top of this page. Additionally, you will find a link at the top of each of the individual walk information pages. If you have a late developing difficulty please call or text me on the above number.
Peter Newbury, Course Co-Ordinator

The Neighbourhoods

  1. Northcote
  2. Williamstown
  3. The Yarra
  4. Clifton Hill
  5. Wren’s Collingwood